Karen Hamre during 2013 HopArts Tour

What is my work about? Well, I've never liked trying to describe it - that doesn't matter to my way of working. I don't have a mission to declare. I paint. I want to get something down on paper or canvas in flat lines, build up from there to see what I can see. It starts with the materials and where I am, what I see when I start. I try to solve a problem, that's all. Each painting is different, trying to solve a different set of problems - each is a response to the first strokes or tones set down, the first sensibility I feel or determine or express. I suppose they are abstract expressionist at their base, and yet I work through a series of formal considerations, trying to sort out how the paint is giving me or not giving me what I want - Karen Hamre

For exhibition or purchasing information, please contact the artist at

karenhmr at gmail dot com

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